Oct 16-17 Community Swapportunity Poster

Oct 16-17 Community Swapportunity Poster


Two Harbors Community Center, 417 South Ave.

Drop-Off Collection: FRIDAY Oct 16, 1-7pm

SWAP – SHOP WITH 0 Dollars:  SATURDAY Oct 17, 10am – 3pm

Community Swapportunity is a Zero dollars rummage swap!  De-clutter, re-use, re-purpose gently used & new clothing, books, non-upholstered furniture, toys, kitchen and household items you would find at a rummage sale.

Please do NOT bring:  electronics, uphostered furniture, torn/cut/stained clothing, mattresses, cribs, playpens, high chairs, child car seats, or unrepairables.

Volunteers wanted: If you’d like to help with this event, please contact Angela by email at keonagrace21@yahoo.com

*** Special thanks to our event donors:  Pro Print, Shopko, and WalMart.

All remaining items after the swap will be donated to Neighbor To Neighbor Thrift Store.

Past Events:

SUNDAY, SEPT 27, 3-5:30 PM
LAKEVIEW PARK, 1st St and 3rd Avenue, Two Harbors
rain site:  Two Harbor Community Center, 417 South Av, Two Harbors
Drums provided – Circle facilitated by Drum Superior

Hot Dogs & Pop provided – Bring your own chair

A brainchild of Virginia drummer Arthur Lopez, The Largest Drum Circle in the World designates Sept 26-27 as a 24-hour period for drummers around the world to drum together “For Peace and Global Unity Starting in your own Community.”

The Two Harbors Largest Drum Circle in the World will include Lawn Poetry (compose your own!) and shared songs and music.  Dancers are invited to dance in our circle at any time.  Musicians are welcome to bring other musical instruments and songs to share in the circle.

Info tables on ReVisioning Two Harbors action groups and KTWH’s programming will be at the event.

Sponsored by ReVisioning Two Harbors, revisioningtwoharbors.com, &
KTWH, Two Harbors Community Radio, ktwh.org



Sonju Trail Cleanup, Summer Action Groups

ReVisioning Two Harbors sprang into action mode on May 30, as 20 people gathered to help give our Sonju Hike/Bike trail a Spring Cleanup. Piling bags of trash alongside objects that ranged from scrap metal and paint cans to a car seat, these folks demonstrated their love for the trail with concrete action.

ReVisioning then used its June meeting to shift into small-group mode for the summer. “We’ve heard a lot of great ideas at all these meetings,” observed one attendee. “Now we need some action!” So ReVisioning will not have a July or August forum, instead handing the reins to Summer Action Groups born out of the first 7 months of community forums.

Each Summer Action Group will organize and run itself. Groups include:

Community Swap – already secured the County Fairgrounds for a swap Aug 28-29;

Creative Family Play Space – designing sculptural play space with boat/train themes;

Green City – getting community energy independence info to residents;

Bikes in the City – repairing old bikes to make available to tourists to stop and ride;

Posting Shipping News on Hwy 61 – to encourage tourist traffic down to the harbor;

Downtown Storefront Revitalization – currently looking at a mural project;

Geocaching Family Activity – giving residents and visitors a family fun option;

Sonju Trail Cleanup – monitoring trail, cleaning up as needed through season;

Walking Tours Group – live storytelling walking tours using 2 scripts already developed:  Two Harbors Railroad History, and Lake Superior Shipping Tales.

Anyone is welcome to join these summer working groups.  Simply Email revisioningth@gmail.com to connect with your group.

ReVisioning Two Harbors will be hosting a table at this year’s Heritage Days festival the second weekend in July.  Stop by to say hello!  Our table will be staffed by representatives from Summer Action groups, with each group taking a shift at the table. Look at the host schedule to talk to someone about the group that interests you.

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