SONJU TRAIL CLEANUP – Saturday JUNE 11, 9:30-11:30 AM

Meet at Lakeview Park Pavilion, 1st St and 3rd Av, Two Harbors

ReVisioning Two Harbors will host the second annual Sonju Trail Spring Cleanup on Saturday, June 4 from 9:30 – 11:30 am.  Gloves, trash bags, Refreshments and soft drinks provided.  Wear appropriate clothing, including good footwear and long pants in case you go into the wooded portions along trail.

This year’s goal is to clean up not just the Lighthouse Point portions of the trail, but also the newer trail extension which includes the bike/walk path loop North into town.  Volunteers are needed!  High school students needed to post and distribute event flyers around town; Team Captains wanted to organize a team from your neighborhood, workplace, or faith community.

To volunteer, contact Julie Hukriede at lksuperiorgal@gmail.com.

EVENT RAIN DATE: Sunday June 5, 1-3 PM     Information updates on the cleanup will be posted on the Revisioning Two Harbors FB page, and on this website at ReVisioningTwoHarbors.com.

Come out and enjoy the trail with your friends and family on June 4.

*   *   *

Notices and descriptions of previous meetings:


Tuesday April 26, 6-8pm meeting

Two Harbors Community Center, 417 South Av, Two Harbors

ReVisioning Two Harbors will host a meeting Tuesday April 26 at Two Harbors Community Center meeting room for those who wish to help plan this year’s Sonju Trail Spring cleanup.  Meeting will be from 6-8pm.  No supper will be served this month, but sandwiches will be available during the meeting for those who RSVP to revisioningth@gmail.com.  More information on the Revisioning Two Harbors FB page, or on the web at ReVisioningTwoHarbors.com.



Thursday, March 24 – 5:30 dinner, 6-8pm meeting

Two Harbors Community Center, 417 South Av, Two Harbors

Want to hear about a partnership that helped artists, community, and businesses in Superior, WI? Re-Visioning Two Harbors’ March 24 community forum hosts speaker Erika Mock, who will share her work with Superior Public Art Creating Community Environments – SPACES – and Phantom Galleries. The event will take place on Thursday, March 24, 2016. Light dinner at 5:30 pm, meeting 6-8 pm in the Two Harbors Community Center, 417 South Av, Two Harbors. Please RSVP for dinner if possible to ReVisioningTH@gmail.com.


Erika Mock will give a short slide presentation on her work with SPACES and Phantom Galleries in Superior. During her involvement with the formation and running of Phantom Galleries Superior, that organization brought a wide variety of art forms into vacant Superior storefronts in a series of “Phantom Gallery” exhibits. These exhibits included posting art in vacant storefronts to be visible by passing street traffic, and evening gallery exhibit times where patrons could stroll through these spaces to enjoy art and music. Many of the vacant sites hosting these Phantom Galleries in Superior were subsequently rented or sold.


Erika’s slide presentation will cover her experiences with Phantom Galleries Superior, and why she feels it was successful. She will share ways the city of Superior WI has supported this venture; how Phantom Gallery Superior’s 5-year plan helped them maintain focus; what worked/didn’t work; and the energy/synergy that was generated as the community, business owners, artists, and the City worked together to create a program in Superior that helped them all. Community questions and discussion will follow her presentation.


For more information on SPACES/Phantom Gallery Superior, visit their website at http://www.phantomgalleriessuperior.com or Superior Public Art – SPACES – on Facebook. Here are excerpts from the SPACES/Phantom Gallery website:

“Superior Public Art Creating Community Environments – SPACES – was formed in early 2009. We are an active and engaged planning and working team of representatives from a broad section of the community including artists, cultural organizations, businesses, and city agencies.

“By us and through our working relationships with other community partners, our goal is to develop short and long-term art-based projects. These will lead to neighborhood and business revitalization, which will in turn, showcase Superior as a vibrant cultural destination.”

Longer-term goals of SPACES include “ways to beautify all major highways coming into Superior, and expand upon the mural project started by the Douglas County Historical Society.”


Join the Re-Visioning Two Harbors community groups in planning for 2016. We will meet Thurs., Feb. 18, 2016 at 5:30 pm for dinner; 6:00 pm meeting at the Two Harbors Community Center, 417 South Av, Two Harbors.

Discussion and reports will continue for the groups in progress: Beautifying Downtown; Community Swopportunity; Shipping News; Walking Tours; Green Space and Renewable Energy; and Public Art in Downtown and along the waterfront.

One of the greatest needs identified by the group in 2014-15 was the need for a community gathering space. This idea needs to be re-energized and continued. A place to gather, do art, share art, and teach art is still a high priority. Conversation stalled last year when the Community Center needed extensive repairs, but it is newly refurbished and now ready to be considered as a weekly community gathering space.

If you have ideas for Re-Visioning Two Harbors or speakers you would like to hear on the topic of public art and public spaces please come to the meeting. There is room to join many of the groups already formed, too. Don’t worry about being “assigned” a job – these projects are grass roots and those who are interested in a specific topic are the ones who work on them.

Please RSVP if you are coming for dinner, but feel free to come at the last minute, too. We always have plenty of food. You are welcome to come for all or part of the meeting. This is an open, community group where everyone’s voice is heard. RSVP by Joining the Facebook event, or RevisioningTH@gmail.com or call 651-208-4991. More info at ReVisioningTwoHarbors.com

Looking ahead to March:  

Erika Mock, who began Phantom Galleries in Superior, WI will be our guest speaker in March – date TBA.  Erika had the vision that vacant storefronts and buildings in Superior could become instant art galleries for a weekend. Through her work with the Phantom Galleries project many storefronts and buildings were rented or purchased because entrepreneurs could see the value of the empty spaces.


(Our Dec 14 meeting was cancelled at last minute due to weather.  This press release announced the creation of the website blog with invitations to submit articles.)


What Next for ReVisioning Two Harbors?  

Following up on Oct. 27’s meeting celebrating the work of Action Groups this year, ReVisioning Two Harbors will host a community forum on Monday, December 14 to discuss direction of its activities for its second year. Discussion will be held at the Two Harbors Community Center, 417 South Ave, Two Harbors. A light supper will be served at 5:30, followed by a meeting from 6-8pm.

December’s meeting will invite your input on where ReVisioning goes this year. In order to prepare for this meeting, we invite you to visit the revisioningtwoharbors.com website and find out where we’ve been so far. Our January 2014 meeting featured a visit from Grand Marais’ Greg Wright, showing us how important common focus had been in that city’s economic turnaround. Last March, we had come up with a common focus for Two Harbors to attract visitors: our waterfront and harbor. You can click on the Articles tab on our website for a narrative history of all our community forums to date. Also watch the website for upcoming guest blogging articles on What Next for ReVisioning Two Harbors?

Guest bloggers on our website may include members of ReVisioning Action groups, who shared their activities to date at October’s meeting. The “Swopportunity” Community Swap event from the Green City action group was a huge success, recycling many usable items to new homes. Green City shared future action ideas. The Posting Shipping News, Artful Playground Space, and Walking Tours groups also shared progress and plans. Signup sheets gathered more names for the Sonju Trail Cleanup group. Special guests from KTWH Community Radio updated us on their current programming and opportunities since going on the air. It was exciting to hear about so much community action in Two Harbors.

The Downtown Revitalization group shared their success in transforming downtown storefronts into a phantom gallery for Heritage Days. That group has selected historic photos of Two Harbors from the archives of Lake County Historical Society, and is now raising funds to print these photos in large format for hanging in downtown storefront windows. Each print costs $125 to reproduce. If you would like to support this project, please mail a check to Arts on Superior, PO Box 185, TH MN 55616. ReVisioning Two Harbors has given this group a matching grant of $150, so your contribution will be doubled.

What’s Next? Save the Date! We hope to hear your ideas on Dec 14, where cafe-style discussion will ensure that all get heard. Find a group you want to work with, or bring your own idea for a new group that fills a need you see.



5:30 supper, 6-8pm meeting


After hosting a successful World’s Largest Drum Circle event on Sept. 27, with 50 participating in drumming for peace at Lakeview Park, ReVisioning Two Harbors resumes its monthly community forums for the season on Tuesday, October 27. The forum will be held at the Two Harbors Community Center, 417 South Ave, Two Harbors. A light supper will be served at 5:30, followed by a meeting from 6-8pm.

We’ll be celebrating the work of Action Groups that grew out of last year’s community forums. Representatives from each group will share their successes and their plans for the coming year. Action Groups include Community Swap, whose Swopportunity event will happen at the Community Center Oct 16-17. Other groups include Downtown Revitalization, Posting Shipping News on Hwy 61, Sonju Trail Cleanup, Artful Playground Space, Walking Tours, and Green City. We’ll also hear a report from KTWH Community Radio on their current programming and opportunities since going on the air earlier this year.

Come hear successes and future plans of each group. Find a group you want to work with, or bring your own idea for a group that fills a need you see.

ReVisioning Two Harbors is a community forum to share your ideas and thoughts on improving the economic, social, and cultural status of the City through the arts and collaborative action.

This project of and by the citizens of Two Harbors is funded by a 2-year Community Innovation Grant from the Bush Foundation. Although this grant goes beyond the arts, it was secured and meetings are hosted by Arts on Superior.

A narrative history of group meetings to date can be found on our website under “Articles” at revisioningtwoharbors.com



ReVisioning Two Harbors kicks off the second year of its 2-year community forums project by joining The Largest Drum Circle in the World on Sept. 27 from 3:00 – 5:30 in Lakeview Park pavilion, 1st Street and 3rd Avenue, Two Harbors. In case of rain, the circle will be held at the Two Harbors Community Center, 417 South Av, Two Harbors. This event is co-sponsored by Two Harbors Community Radio, KTWH.org., FB Two Harbors Community Radio.

No prior drumming experience necessary. Drum Superior will lead the circle and provide drums and percussion instruments. Come for all or part of the event. BRING YOUR OWN CHAIR if outdoors. Hotdogs, chips & pop will be provided.

The Two Harbors Largest Drum Circle in the World will include Lawn Poetry (compose your own!) and shared songs and music. Dancers are invited to dance in our circle at any time. Musicians are welcome to bring other musical instruments and songs to share in the circle.

A brainchild of Virginia drummer Arthur Lopez, The Largest Drum Circle in the World designates Sept 26-27 as a 24-hour period for drummers around the world to drum together “For Peace and Global Unity Starting in your own Community.”

Lopez says, “Our intent is to connect with peace loving people around the world who have hope for humanity and are willing to work toward positive change. We will be using drumming to gather the community to share in our intent for peace.”

The Two Harbors event will have tables at the park with information on the ReVisioning Action Groups that formed over the summer, including Green Two Harbors, Community Swap, and Walking Tours group. For further information, see the ReVisioning Two Harbors FB page under “events,” or the ReVisioningTwoHarbors.com website. Call 651-325-3528 with any questions.

As Lopez says of this event, “We all start out being ordinary; we become extraordinary by our actions. I hope you feel inspired to make some personal journey of your own towards helping create peace in our lifetime.”

ReVisioning Two Harbors is a project of and by the citizens of Two Harbors, funded by a 2-year Community Innovation Grant from the Bush Foundation and administered by Arts on Superior.


5:30 supper, 6-8pm meeting

United Church of Two Harbors, 531 3rd Avenue – in basement room


FOLLOWING UP on our very successful Sonju Trail Spring Trash Cleanup on Saturday, May 30, ReVisioning Two Harbors’ June 11 meeting will focus on organizing Summer Action Groups, connecting like-minded folks to collaborate on projects that help and improve our city.  May’s meeting generated the action groups listed below, and many folks at May’s Sonju Trail Cleanup signed up to participate.  June’s meeting will get those groups focused and going, looking at strategies, next steps, and needs to make each project happen.

If you can’t make the meeting but want to get involved, email us at revisioningth@gmail.com. Visit ReVisioningTwoHarbors.com for a full list of Action Groups convening now. Jump into your city this summer!


This summer, ReVisioning TH gears up for Action.  We invite you to take action with others this summer on a project than you care about.  Below find a list of groups folks at our May meeting were willing to work on this summer.  Many folks at our Sonju Trail Cleanup signed up to work on a group.

Connect with these groups at our June 11 meeting, or EMAIL us at revisioningth@gmail.com and we’ll connect you with others in the group you choose: 

Sonju Trail Cleanup – organizing teams to continue cleaning the trail during tourist season.

Green City Group – researching community energy independence options and teaching residents about what is out there was the hot topic at our meeting

Creative Placemaking Group: Family Play Space by the Depot – Creating free spaces where residents and tourists want to hang out. Big idea at our meeting was creating an artful playground space in the field in front of the Depot, with thematic Two Harbors play stations like ore boats or trains.  Inspired by the Wooden Boat at Duluth’s Park Point play area.

August Community Swap – organizing a neighbor to neighbor family event for sharing clothing or toys in mid-August, before school starts. County Fairgrounds space already arranged.

Getting Shipping News Posted on 61 – to draw tourists down to waterfront.

Downtown Storefront Revitalization – working on appearance and uses for empty buildings downtown

Walking Tours Group – live storytelling walking tours using 2 scripts already developed:  Two Harbors Railroad History, and Lake Superior Shipping Tales.  Giving residents & tourists something to do in Two Harbors.

Geocaching Family Activity – another thing for residents & visitors to do.  Created around a Two Harbors theme to be determined.

Bikes in the City – repairing old bikes and making them available to tourists to rent and ride around downtown. Stop and bike!  Several others interested in this group.

Community Groups already going strong – other places to work this summer:

AGE 2 AGE activities, sponsored by Lake Superior District Community Education – Sat, June 13 –  (Swim Ride Run) Youth Triathlon, 6:30 am-10:45am.  Adult volunteers needed for this event for grades 2 through 8.

June 15 – Sonju Trail beautification art event where youth & adults create a planter to put near the trail.  To Volunteer, contact intern Kiersten Haaversen at kierstenhaav.a2a@gmail.com.   Find out more on FB- https://www.facebook.com/TwoHarborsAgeToAge

Two Harbors KTWH Radio Group – Join the group that’s rockin’ and planning to go on the air this summer.  Create a program you’d like to host; volunteer to be in the next Radio Play fundraiser. Help connect our community.  This local non-commerical community radio initiative has been mentioned at every ReVisioning meeting so far!   More info at ktwn.org or Facebook Two Harbors Community Radio page.  Contact them at 218.834.2247 or THCommRadio@gmail.com


ReVisioning Two Harbors sprang into action mode on May 30, as 20 people gathered to help give our Sonju Hike/Bike trail a Spring Cleanup. Piling bags of trash alongside objects that ranged from scrap metal and paint cans to a car seat, these folks demonstrated their love for the trail with concrete action.

After their hard work, most gathered back at Lakeview Park for a hot dog picnic and conversation. We talked about the Action Groups that have emerged from ReVisioning Two Harbors forums. Folks signed up for summer Action Groups of their choice, including Sonju Trail Cleanup, Green City, or Bikes in the City.

Some groups had short-term concrete goals like organizing a Community Swap at the Fairgrounds in August before school starts. Others were more involved, like the group envisioning creating an artful Family Play Space by the Depot with thematic play stations like ore boats or trains.

Some focused on getting visitors off Hwy 61 and to our waterfront, like the Post Shipping News on Hwy 61 group. Others focused on giving visitors and residents more to do in Two Harbors, like the Geocaching group or the Walking Tours group.

Interested? ReVisioning’s Thursday, June 11 meeting can get you connected with others who want to work together to make things happen. Meet at United Church, 531 3rd Avenue, Two Harbors. Light supper served at 5:30, Action Groups meeting 6-8 pm.



5:30 supper, 6-8pm meeting

United Church of Two Harbors, 531 3rd Avenue – in basement room


In support of the Two Harbors City Council’s resolution declaring us a GreenSteps City, the ReVisioning April Community Meeting decided to organize a Sonju Trail Spring Trash Cleanup on Saturday, May 30. Final organizing plans will occur at our May Community Meeting Thursday May 21 at United Church of Two Harbors, 531 3rd Ave. Light supper served at 5:30, meeting 6-8pm.


In addition to finalizing plans for the Sonju Trail Cleanup, folks attending the May meeting will help organize Summer Action groups. If you can’t make the May meeting and have an idea or want to join a group, email revisioningth@gmail.com to organize or connect with a group.


Working action group ideas from past ReVisioning meetings include Green City team, Bikes in the City team, Art Placemaking team, Getting Folks off 61 to the Waterfront/Downtown team, Attracting Conventions team, and Waterfront Walking Tours team.  The existing Two Harbors Radio group has also been mentioned at each meeting as key to bringing our community together as we move forward.


All of these teams would support the common goal of attracting more residents and visitors to our Waterfront/downtown area.


Kicking things off, the Sonju Trail Saturday Morning Cleanup will meet May 30 at Lakeview Park, First Street and 3rd Avenue, across from the Burlington Bay portion of the Sonju Trail. Meet for Cleanup 9:30, with hot dog picnic and activities in park following cleanup. Rain date: June 6.

More details to follow; check ReVisioning Two Harbors FB page or www.revisioningtwoharbors.com.



 “How do we get tourists off of Highway 61 and to our downtown?”

“How can we put a sculpture on every corner of Two Harbors?”

“How can we create a central Board in Two Harbors to let everyone know ‘what’s happening’?”


If these ideas interest you, come to ReVisioning Community Meeting No. 6!

Participants will be part of creating and re-creating our beloved town and shoreline to increase the quality of life for residents and visitors equally.


  5:30 supper, 6-8pm meeting

United Church of Two Harbors

531 3rd Ave, Two Harbors MN  55616

RSVP for meal to revisioningth@gmail.com

It’s Spring – time to get busy and get our ideas into action. If you’ve never been to a ReVisioning meeting, now is the perfect time to start.

March’s ReVisioning discussions came up with a common focus: Lake Superior and our waterfront. Our discussion brought up many possible action steps.

In our April meeting we’ll roll up our sleeves, forming groups to take action toward some of these goals for the next 2 months and into the summer. Bring a friend, and bring a project you want to help put into action. Look over the ideas from March’s meeting below and see what calls to you.

ReVisioning Two Harbors activities are sponsored through a Community Innovation Grant from the Bush Foundation. More info at ReVisioningTwoHarbors.com

Ways to experience the Lake and Two Harbors – what is here already, and what we’d like to see:

  • See Freighters up close – post shipping news on Hwy 61!
  • Getting folks off 61 to Lake & downtown (Signs will be up in May!!)
  • Walking tours of Two Harbors – lakeshore and downtown
  • Bring back summer festival by the lake
  • Community gathering place/info center
  • Multi-purpose convention/cultural city center
  • Green City, for residents & eco-tourists
  • Health focus – “Blue zone” where folks live long, healthy lives
  • Sports ways to experience lake: kayaking, biking rentals, hiking maps
  • Music and entertainment events
  • Develop the waterfront area
  • Safe harbor
  • Lakeshore Train art – on route or near train stop
  • Flower garden by lake-near Edna G
  • Local pleasures – skiing, hiking, horses, snowmobiling, birds, wildlife
  • Local gardens, local artists
  • TH as a Convention destination
  • TH as a town of sculpture & public art
  • TH as a creative, artistic place
  • Hospitality/Attractions training class for high school summer workers
  • “Two Harbors – beginning of your North Shore experience”

March’s conversation also touched on ways to work together around a focus – collaborating with community leaders and businesses to promote our town, and effectively communicating what Two Harbors has to tourists.  Ideas included inviting community leaders to join our action initiatives, keeping conversations open-minded and collaborative, and focusing on what we love about Two Harbors as we promote our city to tourists and convention markets.





The March meeting of ReVisioning Two Harbors will be held on Thursday, March 19, with light refreshments at 5:30 and meeting from 6-8pm. Due to the temporary closing of the Two Harbors Community Center, the meeting location will be announced on the website at www.revisioningtwoharbors.com and on the Revisioning Two Harbors Facebook page. RSVP for meal to revisioningth@gmail.com or by calling 651-208-4991.

March’s meeting will be a Discovery Cafe. We will follow up on a question that recurred in January and February’s meetings: What single focus might unite Two Harbors and help us meet our collective economic, social, and cultural needs? Participants will brainstorm and cross-pollinate ideas in a rotating cafe-style discussion. We may discover a focus. We may discover more questions we need to ask. We may discover we have more in common than we thought.

The February 10 ReVisioning Two Harbors meeting had a surprisingly good turnout for a snowy night. Even as organizers considered cancelling, 17 folks braved the weather to engage in a Cafe-style discussion, rotating among 4 tables examining strategies and challenges around 4 projects.  The focus questions chosen by the group for table discussions were:

  1. How can we make Two Harbors a city full of sculpture?
  2. How can we attract more conventions to Two Harbors?
  3. How can we make Two Harbors known for its creativity and arts?
  4. What are the first steps toward making Two Harbors a green city?

Lively discussions in 3 consecutive rounds gave each table host the input of 9 other creative minds using the “Pro-Action Cafe” model of discussion. By the end of the evening, the entire circle felt more together, and we each knew more about all 4 questions.

The ReVisioning Two Harbors project is funded by a Community Innovations Grant from the Bush Foundation.  Find summaries of previous ReVisioning meetings at www.RevisioningTwoHarbors.org, and follow ReVisioning Two Harbors on Facebook for up-to-date developments and future meeting times.  Read more about cafe-style discussions at http://www.theworldcafe.com.

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