MINUTES_November 2014

Meeting, ReVisioning Two Harbors

11/6/2014    5:30 supper; 6-8pm meeting

Age to Age space in Two Harbors Community Center

12 folks gathered for the kickoff meeting of the Bush Foundation-sponsored project ReVisioning Two Harbors.

Group requested circle intros, so each present introduced themselves.

Story/art icebreaker: we each created a story of when we were happy. This initial art/story sharing helped us understand each other better.

Rachel Nelson and Linda Melcher introduced the ReVisioning project, explaining the Bush Foundation Community Innovation grant that sponsored our monthly community forum meetings around needs and challenges Two Harbors faces economically, socially, and culturally.

Attendees used the question/answer period to further understand that the allocated monies for this project were to foster a community discussion of how to meet these identified challenges. A yearly conference for each of the 2 years of the grant is part of this project.

We moved into the brainstorming phase– Rachel invited 2 tables of 5-6 each to each:

– list WHO needs to be at the table? Specific people, and classes of people. Each table kept lists, and AoS saved these records.

– list HOW can we get them to the table? This evolved at both tables into more specific logistics – in retrospect, clearer instructions on brainstorming would have helped) and a beginning of identifying problems or obstacles to innovation in town, specifically, bullying at the community government level, eg strongarm styles of leadership.

We reconvened as a group to debrief, and group wanted a clearer explanation of what the grant was and wasn’t. Discussion on distinction between project and process funds; these are all process funds, and the group. This is not a project grant; it is a process grant focusing on community organizing and inclusive group discussions. Our grant is about identifying what changes we want, what work needs to be done and what we need to do to get there. Our grant is about inviting as many to the table to join in this discussion as possible.

Those participating will decide as we go: what are our needs to continue this process? Tonight’s Suggestion: ask Greg Wright, head of North House Folk School to come and speak at next meeting. Grand Marias is a local example we might emulate. Linda will contact, grant will pay for this.

Based on their group’s discussion, each participant wrote down at least one action step they could do to get more folks to the discussion table at our next meeting. Rachel’s action step based on this meeting’s feedback: to write a press release more clearly describing this ReVisioning Project to the community.

We adjourned at 8 pm.

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